Educational Resources

During the 2018 Legislative Session, the Kentucky General Assembly passed HB 3, which included a mandate that the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy develop recommendations for the instruction of drug abuse prevention that is required for practical living skills education. The Kentucky Department of Education is required to publish these recommendations on the department's website for use by schools in developing their practical living skills curriculum. The Drug Use Prevention Resource Guide provides many examples of evidence-based curriculum that are being used in Kentucky, as well as additional evidence-based curriculum and enhancing projects and activities that may be utilized by schools

Kentucky State Police Mobile Drug Education Unit​

The Mobile Drug Education Unit, commonly referred to as the Drug Trailer, has been a staple of KSP since the early 90’s. This unit was completely updated and renovated in 2019 with modern technology and information regarding the drug epidemic that is attacking Kentucky. This unit contains 14 digital screens displaying facts and information about various drugs, and how they are manufactured and distributed in the US. There are testimonial videos from former addicts who have first hand experience with drug addiction. We have also included an interactive touch screen display that shows the amount of overdoses and deaths that have occurred in each county and a visual display showing drug paraphernalia and methods with which drug users conceal these illegal products.

The Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy funded the $92,000 exhibit, which was designed and built by DCX Displays in Louisville.

The mobile unit is ready for use by schools, clubs, civic organizations, businesses, churches, local governments and communities throughout the state.  Anyone interested in scheduling the display should contact the Public Affairs Officer at the KSP Post closest to their location, or call KSP Public Affairs Branch at 502.782.1780.