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The Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet and Operation UNITE launched a new substance abuse call center that will connect people across the state with drug treatment.   The new KY HELP Call Center will provide referrals across the state to both public and private treatment providers.

Kentuckians struggling with a substance use disorder, either themselves or within their families, can call 1-833-8KY-HELP (1-833-859-4357) toll-free to speak with a specialist about treatment options and available resources.  The specialist will conduct a brief screening assessment in order to connect callers with the most relevant treatment services as quickly as possible. 

Options will include everything from medication-assisted treatment to faith based care, and a live specialist will help callers work through all the variables, such as location and cost.

Callers can speak to a specialist from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday.  During non-business hours, callers may leave a message and the call center staff will get back in touch with them.

More information is available at HOPEANDHELPKY​  and Operation UNITE 


What is Casey’s Law?


This powerful story reveals why this Kentucky law is so vital in giving many hope to recover.  The documentary features interviews with people who have been devastated from this illness, as well as judges, mental health workers, and family members who can shed light on the disease of addiction and the epidemic that is ravaging Kentucky. 


Kentucky State Police Angel Initiative

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2019 KY-ODCP & KY-ASAP Annual Report:

2019 annual report final.pdf2019 annual report final.pdf

2018 Overdose Fatality Report:

2018 Kentucky Overdose Fatality Report .pdf2018 Kentucky Overdose Fatality Report .pdf


KY Makes Significant Progress in Battle Against Drug Overdose Deaths

Kentucky's targeted approach to protect its citizen's from drug overdose deaths has resulted in the first decline since 2013.  There were 233 fewer fatalities in the Commonwealth during 2018 than there were in 2017.

The lethal overdoses totaled 1,333 in 2018.  That is down from an all-time high of 1,566 in 2017.  The decline follows years of steady increases in the death toll, driven mostly by a rise in opioid abuse, heroin and fentanyl.  


The overall decline in deaths was the likely result of numerous policy initiatives underway in Kentucky along with a growing awareness about the dangers of opioids.  

Kentucky has pushed hard to develop the most comprehensive approach possible, combining education and treatment with a multitude of other harm-reduction strategies.   


2018 Drug Use Prevention Curriculum Resource 2018 Drug Use Prevention Curriculum Resource Guide:

 KY-ODCP Drug Prevention Program in the Schools Recommendation final (ADA)_asm.pdfKY-ODCP Drug Prevention Program in the Schools Recommendation final (ADA)_asm.pdf

During the 2018 Legislative Session, the Kentucky General Assembly passed HB 3, which included a mandate that the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy develop recommendations for the instruction of drug abuse prevention that is required for practical living skills education.  The Kentucky Department of Education is required to publish these recommendations on the department's website for use by schools in developing their practical living skills curriculum.  The Drug Use Prevention Resource Guide provides many examples of evidence-based curriculum that are being used in Kentucky, as well as additional evidence-based curriculum and enhancing projects and activities that may be utilized by schools.    




Kentucky State Police new mobile substance abuse education exhibit is ready to be displayed.

The 30-foot trailer features video messages about meth, heroin, marijuana, alcohol and tobacco in an effort to inform the public about the effects of substance abuse. The videos include before-and-after images of meth users as they tell their real-life story.

The Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy funded the $92,000 exhibit, which was designed and built by DCX Displays in Louisville.

The mobile unit is ready for use by schools, clubs, civic organizations, businesses, churches, local governments and communities throughout the state.  Anyone interested in scheduling the display should contact the Public Affairs Officer at the KSP Post closest to their location, or call KSP Public Affairs Branch at 502.782.1780.


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