Partnership for a Drug-Free Kentucky

In 2008, the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy in collaboration with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America started a statewide PSA campaign to bring professionally produced localized media messages to strengthen, and deepen drug-prevention media efforts. Our mission is, simply, to "unsell" drugs to the people of the Commonwealth - especially our youth.

Kentucky has long recognized the epidemic proportions of substance abuse among youth and adults including prescription drugs, methamphetamines, heroin, and marijuana.

The Partnership offers a wide range of media coverage for substance abuse issues which assists the Office of Drug Control Policy's approach in combating the scourge of drug use in Kentucky communities.

Our collaboration with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America brings over $6 million in professionally produced PSA's. These powerful, proven prevention messages can be seen on television, cinemas across the Commonwealth and local community coalition events.

With a sustainable statewide enhanced media campaign, the Kentucky of Office of Drug Control Policy and the Kentucky Agency on Substance Abuse Policy (KY-ASAP) can continue to strive towards, and succeed in our goal: that whether in the workplace, at school, at home, or in the community, the people of the Commonwealth are never far from an anti-drug message.

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Get One-on-One Help

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The Partnership has trained and caring master's-level counselors ready to help any parent struggling with a child's drug or alcohol use.  They are there to listen, share information and help you find answers.  Call the Helpline, connect via live chat or email them to get help.  All communications are free and confidential. 

Their counselors will listen to your story - the challenges, setbacks, obstacles and myriad emotions that often are all too common. 

2015 New Campaign Offers Parents "Real Help"

Our new campaign with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids shows how friends want to be supportive, but when it comes to a child's drug use, most don't know what to say.  We do.   View TV Spots below on the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy YouTube Channel. 


The Medicine Abuse Project

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The Medicine Abuse Project is a five-year action campaign that aims to prevent half a million teens from abusing medicine by the year 2017. The campaign provides comprehensive resources for parents and caregivers, law enforcement officials, health care providers, educators and others so that everyone can take a stand and help end medicine abuse. The Medicine Abuse Project website includes information about prevention of prescription drug abuse, painkiller addiction, and over-the-counter (OTC) medicine abuse. It provides information about how to dispose of medicine and how to safeguard the medicine in your home, as well as lists medicine abuse facts and includes comprehensive information about the most abused prescription drugs.

Teen Medicine Abuse: An Epidemic

It is important that parents/grandparents monitor, safeguard and properly dispose of the medicines they keep at home as more than 4 in 10 teens who have misused or abused a prescription drug has taken it right out of their parent's medicine cabinet. Kids who abuse medicine are starting early. In fact, 1 in 5 kids has done so before the age of 14. Parents and Grandparents are the first line of defense in protecting teens from this dangerous behavior.

Two-thirds of teens who report abuse of prescription medicine are getting them from family, friends and acquaintances. Make sure the teems in your life don't have access to your medicine. Find out how to monitor, secure and properly dispose of unused and expired prescription and over-the-counter cough medicine in your home.​​​​​​