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Kentucky Prescription Drug Disposal Locations

To make it easier for citizens of the Commonwealth to dispose of their expired or unwanted medications,  both prescription and over-the-counter, prescription drop boxes are available across Kentucky in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and local governments.  There are now 173 locations in 110 counties, with sites being added daily.

 2014 Permanent Prescription Drug Disposal Locations



Environmental Compliance for Drug Take Back Programs

You may be aware that some Kentucky law enforcement agencies have established drug take-back programs that collect expired or unwanted prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs from households.  The goal of these programs is to reduce the volume of drugs that could end up on the streets and then used illegally.  The Department for Environmental Protection supports Kentucky law enforcement in these important efforts. 

To help law enforcement ensure that collected drugs are disposed in a legal manner that protects Kentucky citizens and our environment, the Department has developed a guidance document that outlines the proper operation of household pharmaceutical take-back programs. The guidance was developed to help collection programs comply with environmental regulations and determine the most cost effective and responsible disposal methods. This guidance can be found at Guidelines for Household Pharmaceutical Waste Collection Programs 

After reviewing this guidance, if you have questions regarding drug take-back programs and the proper disposal of household pharmaceutical waste, please contact Kenya Stump at the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance. In addition, Ms. Stump and the Division of Compliance Assistance staff are available to speak at your organization’s events or arrange training opportunities on the topic of environmental compliance for household pharmaceutical waste collection programs.  Ms. Stump can be reached at envhelp@ky.gov or by calling 800-926-8111.

Thank you for efforts to prevent drug abuse and for your commitment to protect Kentucky’s citizens and our environment.

Got Drugs? National Drug Take-Back Day


The National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day took place on Saturday, April 26, 2014 and provided a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse of medications.

Kentucky collected a total of 11,095 pounds of unused and/or unwanted prescription medications, in 55 counties, at 80 drug take back locations. In all, Kentucky has collected 44,265 pounds at these events since October 2011.

Kentucky Collection Site Totals by County (4-26-14)

Medication Safe Disposal


Last Updated 8/13/2014
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